Aug. 26th, 2011

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Arashi-chan and the reader’s “connection” CHECK!
Who's your perfect match? (Myojo Dec 2008)

disclaimer: not mine
credit: lady__ishtar (tomadoinagara) @ lj

If you’re going on a date, you'd prefer going to an aquarium rather than an amusement park.
Yes? Go to 1.
No? Go to 2.

1)     You have an interest in magic tricks.
Yes? Go to 4.
No? Go to 5.

2)       You’re surprisingly easily moved to tears.
Yes? Go to 5.
No? Go to 6.

3)      If you really like a piece of clothing, you sometimes end up buying the same thing in a few different colours.
Yes? Go to 8.
No? Go to 7.

4)       You prefer noodles over rice.
Yes? Go to 13.
No? Go to 10.

5)       You’re the type that gets really hyped up at karaoke.
Yes? Go to 9.
No? Go to 7.

6)      You end up prioritising your boyfriend over your friends.
Yes? Go to 3.
No? Go to 1.

7)      You’re the type to send texts rather than making a phone call.
Yes? Go to 4.
No? Go to 8.

8)      You’re actually sensitive to the cold.
Yes? Go to 12.
No? Go to 9.

9)      Rather than writing, you like drawing/painting pictures.
Yes? Go to 17.
No? Go to 11.

10)   If you had to choose, you’d categorize yourself as the penny-pinching type.
Yes? Go to 16.
No? Go to 14.

11)   On your days off, rather than going out, you’re an indoor type.
Yes? Go to 16.
No? Go to 17.

12)   You’re the kind of person who always likes to help people out.
Yes? Go to D.

No? Go to E.

13When you go out, it tends to be on a whim with no real planning.
Yes? Go to 18.
No? Go to 12.

14)   You like animals.
Yes? Go to 18.
No? Go to 15.

15)   You’re often referred to as the “mood maker”. (Someone who creates/raises the atmosphere.)
Yes? Go to E.
No? Go to A.

16)    Rather than the one who picks on others’ mistakes, you’re usually the one who gets picked on.
Yes? Go to A.
No? Go to B.

17)   Mysterious people catch your interest.
Yes? Go to B.
No? Go to C.

18)   You seem confident on first impression.
Yes? Go to C.
No? Go to D.

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They don’t really looks like an idol or superstar

They always cherish my days by made me laugh throughout the day

Their songs are really cute and have a really deep meaning which is always made me warm

Their dances are awesome and rock

Their acting is great and cool

They can play musical instruments nicely

Arashi consists of member that really hot, cute, cool and handsome guy

I felled healed by their warm smile

They doing their things really spontaneously and naturally

They are really dorky

They have a symbol and figure of good family and friendship

They doesn’t care what they are wearing

They have what other bands doesn’t have and they are different from other boy band that I know

Each member has a really different character but they still can be a good friend
Nino – braty
Sho – intelligent
MatsuJun – DoS
Ohno – Blurr
Aiba - baka

They doesn’t look old, they looks like still 17 years old

They sharing a lot of things together such as shirt, sleep in the same bed, eat together and memories

They love other members really much

They love doing foolish and stupid things

Arashi is the boy band that really appreciated their fans

They are my ideal boyfriend

They always give me some an inspiration and strength to live out the life with full of happiness and naturally

They are really a truly idol because they have complete package

Conclusion, what I like about Arashi is because they are Arashi~!!!!Reason enough isn’t it?



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