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Arashi-chan and the reader’s “connection” CHECK!
Who's your perfect match? (Myojo Dec 2008)

disclaimer: not mine
credit: lady__ishtar (tomadoinagara) @ lj

If you’re going on a date, you'd prefer going to an aquarium rather than an amusement park.
Yes? Go to 1.
No? Go to 2.

1)     You have an interest in magic tricks.
Yes? Go to 4.
No? Go to 5.

2)       You’re surprisingly easily moved to tears.
Yes? Go to 5.
No? Go to 6.

3)      If you really like a piece of clothing, you sometimes end up buying the same thing in a few different colours.
Yes? Go to 8.
No? Go to 7.

4)       You prefer noodles over rice.
Yes? Go to 13.
No? Go to 10.

5)       You’re the type that gets really hyped up at karaoke.
Yes? Go to 9.
No? Go to 7.

6)      You end up prioritising your boyfriend over your friends.
Yes? Go to 3.
No? Go to 1.

7)      You’re the type to send texts rather than making a phone call.
Yes? Go to 4.
No? Go to 8.

8)      You’re actually sensitive to the cold.
Yes? Go to 12.
No? Go to 9.

9)      Rather than writing, you like drawing/painting pictures.
Yes? Go to 17.
No? Go to 11.

10)   If you had to choose, you’d categorize yourself as the penny-pinching type.
Yes? Go to 16.
No? Go to 14.

11)   On your days off, rather than going out, you’re an indoor type.
Yes? Go to 16.
No? Go to 17.

12)   You’re the kind of person who always likes to help people out.
Yes? Go to D.

No? Go to E.

13When you go out, it tends to be on a whim with no real planning.
Yes? Go to 18.
No? Go to 12.

14)   You like animals.
Yes? Go to 18.
No? Go to 15.

15)   You’re often referred to as the “mood maker”. (Someone who creates/raises the atmosphere.)
Yes? Go to E.
No? Go to A.

16)    Rather than the one who picks on others’ mistakes, you’re usually the one who gets picked on.
Yes? Go to A.
No? Go to B.

17)   Mysterious people catch your interest.
Yes? Go to B.
No? Go to C.

18)   You seem confident on first impression.
Yes? Go to C.
No? Go to D.

Your perfect match is....

As a soothing kind of person, who always creates a sense of harmony in their surroundings, your perfect match is Nino. On his days off, he will probably just lock himself up at home and concentrate his full attention on games and magic, but since you're so laid-back you'll surely be able to enjoy simply being together. His slightly cold attitude might actually be a sign of affection. But his quite dark, sharp-tongued comments could well rub off and become a habit of yours. Be careful!!

Your perfect match is....

As someone who can't ignore another person's unique points when they find them, you seem to be the perfect match for Leader ♥  He's a fan of fishing and painting, and tends to end up fully focusing his attention on one thing, but surprisingly he's an outdoorsy type, and so going out on carefree trips together could be really fun. He's multi-talented, so if you get the opportunity to enjoy more and more time together, you may find yourself developing more talents of your own.

Your perfect match is....

You are a bright, friendly animal lover - the perfect match for you is definitely Aiba-chan. In order to help his partner enjoy themself, he's gotta first be having fun himself! ♪ ... Wherever he goes, he becomes the mood-maker and the most popular person, but he's got a sensitive, considerate side to him too. Whenever you're with him, your smile will certainly never diminish. A fun atmosphere is important, but be careful not to let silly behaviour become a reason for others to start disliking you.

Your perfect match is....

You are actually a shy person who is nervous around strangers - your perfect match is MatsuJun. You're cool on the surface, but also have a passionate, heartfelt side which may make you very similar to him.  Because he holds feelings in high importance, you must make sure to create lots of opportunities to talk together. Because he's so soft-hearted, if you can spend time getting to know each other, it will surely become a long-lasting relationship.

Your perfect match is....

You're quite relaxed and don't like doing troublesome things, so the right match for you is the mother-figure of the group, Sakurai-kun. He's recently become the kind of character that's always made fun of on variety shows, but when it comes down to it, he'll kindly protect others, and is someone who can be depended on. If you're expressive and can find enjoyment in anything, that's a big plus for your compatibility. If you have shared interests like world heritage and travelling abroad to talk about, you should be able to become closer.

So.... Which member did you all end up with?

me: as expected i got Aiba-chan and i'm not cheating yo~!!! XDD


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